March 15, 2014

Spring, Baby Giveaway!

Its getting closer to Spring! So lets Spring into a Baby Giveaway!
You can read the full review of  the Pink Juppy Baby Walker HERE.

One entrant will win a box of baby and momma items. Debra's Random Rambles will ship to the winner.  No participants were compensated in any way to participate in this giveaway. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. The best gift I got was a car seat and I think the best gift to give is a baby monitor.

  2. The best baby gift I ever got was diapers as they are an item that must be constantly replaced. I would give a promise to baby sit and a gift card for Mom and Dad to go out on the town once they were comfortable with leaving baby for a short while.

  3. The best baby gift I got was a baby bath sponge that went into the tub. I would give the same thing to a new parent because it was such a great help giving a newborn baby a bath.

  4. The best baby gift I got was DIAPERS!! They come in handy! I would give a new parent diapers and a big basket of candy! ;)

  5. My baby carrier and I just bought one for a friend too.