March 27, 2014

Wine...the drinking stuff...Do I have your attention now??


Tasting Room is a personalized wine club that lets you sample fine wines, discover what type of wine drinker you are, and get wines that suit your preferences — all at substantial savings. Their advanced personalization technology ensures that you always receive the perfect wine for your palate.

Thirty (30) days after you place the order for your 6 wine samplers, we'll send your first wine shipment. Then, every three months, you'll receive another wine shipment at a low flat rate. There are no forms to fill out, phone calls to make or emails to send. The wine comes to you automatically, unless you call to cancel.

Tasting Room has a hassle-free cancellation policy. You can cancel at any time, for any reason, simply by calling member services

Learn more and sign up by going here.

I have stated before, I like a good wine! This is such a cool site and ordering was way easy! I'm super excited and waiting for my shipment!  I'm happy to say that they offer gifting of shipments too! HINT HINT for all you men who have women who love their wine!
I was compensated for my post. Not with wine although that would have worked for me too!

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