April 18, 2024

Arbella Insurance and questionable practices

 *My opinion is my own and this post is my personal view and experience.

In August of 2023, I was T boned in Maine by an old lady. My car needed to have almost 5000 in repairs. Arbella covered the rental and the repairs and some of the medical bills I incurred due to the emergency room visit and after visits for Physical Therapy due to a broken arm and muscle problems.

Arbella told me my insurance would not go up since I was not at fault. This was the first lie they told me. My insurance went up 10. Not too big of a deal.

In January, I was rear ended, and that damage totaled my car. Arbella covered the inspection and rental until my car was deemed totaled. They sent my finance company a check for the balance of the car loan. I signed off on everything and the car is not in my name anymore. I went forward and purchased another car, a 2010, having Arbella insure it. I was informed that my insurance would not go up as I had purchased an older car than I had before. Again, mis truth. My insurance went up 10 again.

Now, I had called Arbella twice and twice told that my original car, a 2011, was going to be taken off my insurance and I would be all set. I would only need to pay on the one car. I DO NOT HAVE THE 2011 CAR. It was totaled and paid off. Its somewhere in a demolition yard. Today, I read my email and see that my insurance is up for cancellation and both cars are still on my policy. They say due to nonpayment.

Here's the thing. I paid my policy. The original amount I was told to by both agents I spoke to. Now I am being told to pay almost 3x what my policy payment should be to keep from being canceled. 

Apparently, this has happened to several others. Arbella is part of the AAA network of insurers. Trying to get ahold of someone to help has been a nightmare. 

August 7, 2023

Lets talk Renaissance Faires!

Photo Credit: www.visithoustontexas.com

 What is a Renaissance Faire you ask? It is an outdoor gathering that aims to recreate a historical like setting often around the time of the English Renaissance era for the amusement of its guests. Renaissance fairs generally include costumed entertainers or fair-goers, musical & theatrical acts, art & handicrafts for sale, and alot of festival food. Most are always open to new volunteers, actors and vendors. Just be cautious of which ones you choose to volunteer/work at if you do. There will be more information and a disclaimer at the end of the post. The titles of the Faire include a clickable link to follow. 

In New England there are several throughout the year. Here are a few: 

This Faire is located in Fremont, NH. They have been going since 2005 and they are run by Three Maples Renaissance Corp. a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. That means they DONATE proceeds to charities. Their main charities are the New Hampshire Food Bank and the Rockingham County Meals on Wheels. How awesome is that? This past year they donated over $106,000 between the 2! Clicking on the link above will take you to their website and you can see the donation pictures, learn more about them, maybe volunteer, maybe sign up to be a vendor and sell your goods or maybe even perform! They are a wonderful group of people and they do good work. 

Located in Stowe, Vermont they include Medieval-inspired artisans and craft vendors;  mead and cider makers from around Vermont; tasty food from local chefs; musicians, dancers, acrobats, historical demos, encampments, a joust, Vikings, fairies, knights, jesters, pirates and even a unicorn!

2023 makes their 4th season! Located in Acton, Maine at the Acton Fairgrounds. Just as the other Faires they offer stalls of merchandise, plenty of food, music and entertainment as well as jousts! .

This year marks 25 years of entertainment in New England located in Lebanon, Connecticut. They offer Fantasy weekends such as Time Travelers, Pirate & Viking, Wizard Weekend and more. Your invited to dress up and and have fun! They even have contests. 

King Richards Faire (link not provided)

They claim to be the largest, biggest and best. (On their website) Located in Carver, MA. 2023 makes the 42nd year, the longest running Renaissance Faire in New England. Tickets for this faire are a bit more expensive than the others. They are a for profit. 

What do you wear to attend? 

If you volunteer there you are to wear appropriate garb and not a store bought costume. They will help you figure it out if you need it. They are good people. 
If your attending wear appropriate weather clothing and foot wear. You can also wear period garments or attire. Elves, Vikings, period gowns, mystical beasts. You name it, you can wear it. 

Every one of the above are always looking for volunteers, staff, players and vendors. Just a bit of caution. There is one that will ask you to sign a disclosure, waiver or a non compete agreement. (The FTC is currently trying to ban non-compete clauses.) This means that if you volunteer for one faire you can not volunteer at another. Even if one is a for profit and one is for a non profit. They see it as a competition. Stupid? Yes it is, but it is happening currently at one faire in New England and they are loosing good people over it. This writer knows of at least 2 persons who are not returning to one faire for almost this reason. So choose your faire wisely and don't sign anything you cant or don't agree with.  

This post is my personal opinion and I was not paid or compensated in any way. 

November 14, 2021

A little vent

 Its been awhile, but here we go.....

Today I feel like a  hyprocrite. I have been telling my kids their whole lives that Family is Family. I talk with all my children as much as I can wether it be on messenger, text, or in person. However the last time I spoke with my own family, it has been years. Almost 30 with one. My Brother. We last spoke when I was 8 months pregnant with my oldest. We didnt even speak at our mothers or fathers funerals or after services. I am not in the upper tax bracket. I was not invited to either his 2nd or 3rd weddings. I have not been introduced to his wife. I dont get Christmas Cards, and he didnt attend my wedding. Alot has to do with how things were handled with my mom and dad before and after they passed. My other brother I have not spoken to in years, almost 6. Ive tried to call him but his number doesnt work and I dont travel there but maybe once every 2 years, He has my number. My sister overdosed and died several years ago. I predicted it would happen. She was screwed over after mom died and more after our father. Her kids I speak to once in awhile but not often. I miss them. There are Foster Siblings. I really have nothing to do with them. They will hate to read this but most of them are too self centered and egotistical to see they have wronged anyone. Money speaks to them. I talk to a few of their children and love a few of them like they are real family. I tried to get addresses from one of them to invite to my wedding but they blew me off. Had to work that weekend. They work 2 jobs but cant take one day off to travel 1.5 hours to attend my wedding? You have known me since I was a little child. I used to babysit your kids. Thanks. Did I mention I never got a card or a Congratulations on my wedding from any of them?  Cousins. I have them. None of them could attend my wedding either. From either side of the family. I grew up with you and we went to school together, parties together but ok. 

When I had the twins, my father gifted me 2 burial plots in a cemetery, just in case. But because he didnt sign a paper, they plots had to go to probate and all parties had to agree for me to get them. Did I? No. My infant brother is buried there and now the plots my father wanted me to have are in another persons ownership. Family. 

My fathers will was re written after my mom passed. Twice. It was changed to not include me, but include Foster Siblings. Funny because my parents, brother, sister and I had had a discussion where the will was only going to include the 4 legal children. I didnt want anything but a painting and a dresser. The dresser was thrown out with a ton of my parents other items, without them even asking if I wanted anything, before the Foster Siblings divided and gave everything among themselves and their kids. I do partially blame my fathers lawyer. I believe he was coerced into things because he was starting to get forgetful. What kind of lawyer allows that to him. Apparently a Christian Lawyer does. I got nothing. Not even a penny from the estate. But, Family. So my new theory now is FUCK THEM ALL. They dont deserve my love or my loyalty. My kids do. And hopefully I pass that along to them

March 2, 2021

Crock Pot Lasagna


Crock Pot Lasagna

I was not compensated for this post.

 For this lasagna I am using the store brand products because I'm on a budget and they work and taste just as good. It is a family favorite. 

You need:

A 4 Quart Crock Pot. (I use a 6 Quart and it turns out well.)

1 1/2 pounds of ground  beef

i box uncooked Lasagna Noodles

Lg jar of Spaghetti Sauce. I prefer one with meat.

1 1/2 c cottage cheese

2 c grated mozzarella cheese

3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese

Brown the ground beef & drain

Pour enough spaghetti sauce in the bottom of the crockpot to just cover it.

Use the remainder of the spaghetti sauce and mix it with the ground beef.

Put 2-3 lasagna noodles in the pot over the sauce. Break them up to fit if you need to.

Cover noodles with about 1/3 of the meat sauce.

Spread about half of the cottage cheese in a thin layer over the mixture.

Sprinkle mozzarella cheese lightly over mixture.

Do another layer of noodles.

Add another layer of the meat mixture, the 2nd half of the cottage cheese and a layer of mozzarella. 

One more layer of noodles, the remailing meat mix, and mozzarella cheese.

Sprinkle a thin layer of Parmesan cheese on top

Cook on low heat for about 4 to 4 1/2 hours

Pictures of the creation process:

February 28, 2020

Prompto Oil Change: Review

My review of Prompto Oil Change
Not compensated for this review. This is my experience.

On 2/27/20 I and my husband before our return to Massachusetts decided to stop and get our oil changed as it was overdue and we had a 5-6 hour trip ahead of us. We stopped at Prompto Oil Change on Wilson Street in Brewer Maine. 

The changes started normally and then we were shown the air filter which needed to be changed so we added that on as well. As soon as the change was done we went to restart the car so the oil could run. The car wouldnt start. The worker seemed irritated that it happened but they did jump us.

When we were paying my husband and I split the payment on 2 debit cards. They said no problem. We signed the slips and both debit slips said 26.50. We went on our way.

About half way home we stopped for dinner, 2 hours later. We both checked our bank balances and noticed we had both been double charged for the oil change. I had 2 charges for 26.50, and he had one charge for 56.06. More than double. Say what?!?!

We looked at the slips were were given and the receipt for the oil change. Here is our slip:

You can not read the total with out really looking hard! Scribble numbers much????

So today Husband and I called our respective banks and Prompto. Our banks are dealing with the double charges. I called Prompto and I was told "O this happens from time to time. It will fall off. " Seriously??? On both my husbands card and my card, the same day, and the same time?? Same store?? He was curt and not polite. He refused to listen to my telling him that the charges went through. Not pending, cleared. In total we were charged for $109.06, when it should have been $52.12. He didnt offer a resolution or even apologize. Shame on them! We will not be back there. We will stick to Valvoline Oil Change Stations in Mass from now on.

 Im sure not all stations are like this one. And Im sure not all that work there are like the men we delt with. Im sure there are some very good men and women that work for Pronto and other oil change places. Hopefully these 2 guys we delt with were just having a bad day. 

I did rate them and leave a review on the BBB website. They are not BBB accreditted. 

My Grade for them:


November 20, 2019

Black Friday Holiday Ads...

*Will add on through the following days.*
*I will make a small % on each link clicked. Pennies actually lol*


October 30, 2019

The Pros...For Your Wedding

The Pros Weddings

This is my personal opinion based on our personal use. We were not compensated in anyway for this post. We are beyond happy with their service and want to share our experience!

As soon as we go engaged my husband and I started to go to Wedding Shows and Bridal Shows and whatever events we could get to to help plan our wedding. I dragged him to more than a man should ever have to endure. Man, I love him!

We found The Pro's at a Bridal Show in Boston. They were tucked away in a corner but the amazing display of what they offered drew us in. When we saw the sign of their current package that was being offered as a Bridal Show Special, we took a picture and kept moving on since it was in Boston and there were alot of people there. After we made our first walk through we hit a few booths that showed promise but the cost of some of them was so high we would have exceeded our budget by alot...and I mean ALOT!

When we got back to the area, they had a whole set up, we spent about half an hour talking with the wonderful Specialist Ms Munzi. She walked up through the special and what a timeline looked liked. We were hooked and booked right there. The Bridal Show Special was all inclusive Photo, Video and DJ. All for less than $4000. Plus it included extras like prints, copies of everything and more.

Here is a breakdown of our wonderful crew that helped us make our day so very special.


Ginny C

She was the best! As a bigger girl I HATE my picture being taken but she made me and everyone else so comfortable and confident. From the first meeting until she left after the reception she was professional and wonderful to work with. She got all the shots we asked for and even some we were glad she got that we didn't know about until we proofed them.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures...

There are ALOT more but these are a few favorites! Again we LOVED Ginny!


Randy F

Randy was great! He got alot of footage and people respected and stayed out of his way. He got a microphone on my husband so you can actually hear our vows on the recording. Our video only needed a few tweeks and we got it fast. He captured alot of video that since we were so busy, we missed alot but watching our raw footage was like reliving the wedding and reception! From beginning to end he was profession and understood what we wanted. Out of respect to our guests, I'm not going to show any footage. But he has a steady hand I definitely recommend him!


Steven E

We met Steven at 2 Bridal Shows. We seemed to have a connection and he has the best DJ voice I have ever heard for a wedding. I knew instantly I wanted him for our wedding. He is so accommodating and nice. He even asked us what color tie we were ok with him wearing! 
We had a few last minute changes in processional music the night before and he was able to make the changes. We were having issues with Ceremony music and needed to add him for an additional hour. Done! Easy as one phone call! 
He even has his own questions all set for the Chair Game. With lottery tickets as a prize!
The guest complimented on him all night. I definitely would use him again if the need arises. 

So my recommendation is see if The Pro's are available in your area. I know they are in the Northeast. They are wonderful to work with. I hope to work with them again in the future if the need arises.