December 9, 2017

Hallmark and Walmart Photo

I was sent a WalMart Gift Card via Love, Hallmark for this review. 
My opinions are my own.

The Holidays are here, and its greeting card time, so there’s no better time than now to hop on your Holiday greeting cards! 

Hallmark has partnered with Walmart Photo on a collection of personalized photo cards available for purchase online or within one hour while you shop! 

With my weird blend of family I chose two different kinds of cards.

Both sets were done in one hour and out in the mail the next day, of course with Holiday stamps. 

We have gotten positive and warm replies to our cards and of course we love them! 

There are many different cards, sizes and designs to choose from.

Pick up in one hour or have them shipped to you. Of course being so close to Christmas, I would do the one hour pick up. 

Order before you leave home to shop, or at the kiozak, and pick up when your ready to check out. 

December 5, 2017


Save 20% on any AvoSeedo avocado grower or other product and enjoy FREE shipping too.
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AvoSeedo avocado tree germinator makes it easy for everyone to grow their own plant at home from a simple avocado pit. Easy to use for all ages of amateur avocado arborists,

The clever AvoSeedo bowl design keeps the avocado pit immersed in just the right amount of water to grow effectively. Made for durability from recyclable, non-toxic materials and is reusable for other vegetables like lettuce, celery, carrot tops! Germinate and grow an avocado tree in your own home, whatever the climate. 
Fun family (Millennial parents, their young kids, grandma/grandpa) project to make a tree sprout and watch it grow from the pit of a common avocado. Increase kids' understanding of ecology, interconnections in nature, responsibility and care for the environment in a participatory and concrete way

The Avacado

Cut in half....

Remove the pit and skin it....

Place in the holder straight up....

Plant the flag in the provided hole....

Place in a bowl of water....Change the water every week or so....


I only just started it so I will update everyone as it grows! 

UPDATE: Apparently one of the cats in the house decided to attack the seed while I was unavailable to protect it. The pit/seed disappeared and the bowl of water was spilled. I had to start over, so now we wait.

This was really easy to do and kids will like to see the tree grow.

December 1, 2017


These fur babies make up a part of our household. They were subjected to my testing of the Bump It Off. They did not complain. In fact I had a small issue getting away from 2 of the test subjects because they liked it so much. I wont say which ones, they deserve to keep their dignity.

There are alot more uses than just for pets. You can use this in the kitchen, laundry and your own body. It is dishwasher safe so it can be cleaned under a hot cycle and reused over and over. 

As you can see, dishwashed!

I like it. I have yet to finish and use it in all the ways I can. I do believe this has earned a place on my Holiday Gift Guide. I think this would make a perfect gift for any and every one.

I was sent a BUMP IT OFF to facilitate a review. My opinion are my own.