December 1, 2017


These fur babies make up a part of our household. They were subjected to my testing of the Bump It Off. They did not complain. In fact I had a small issue getting away from 2 of the test subjects because they liked it so much. I wont say which ones, they deserve to keep their dignity.

There are alot more uses than just for pets. You can use this in the kitchen, laundry and your own body. It is dishwasher safe so it can be cleaned under a hot cycle and reused over and over. 

As you can see, dishwashed!

I like it. I have yet to finish and use it in all the ways I can. I do believe this has earned a place on my Holiday Gift Guide. I think this would make a perfect gift for any and every one.

I was sent a BUMP IT OFF to facilitate a review. My opinion are my own.

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