October 29, 2014

YouTube Money with TuneCore

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When your music or music videos are played on YouTube, if YouTube places ads on your video, you can earn a percentage of that revenue. Now, TuneCore can collect this revenue for you.
YouTube Money service identifies and collects the money your sound recordings generate on YouTube, including on your own channel, and deposits it directly in your TuneCore Account. Just choose which tracks you want to "monetize" and set your channel preferences. TuneCore does the rest. There is a low, one-time setup fee of $25 for all your current and future sound recordings and you keep 80% of collected revenue!
What a perfect fit for those just starting out! TuneCore does all the collecting for you taking the hassle away from you! It can be hard to make money from YouTube. Usually only larger labels do it, but TuneCore helps you start, select your tracks, and collect what you earn. 
I have posted for TuneCore before and they just seem to keep getting better and better! I know I would use them if I was a music artist but Im more of a music destroyer when I try to make music, or even sing! 

October 28, 2014

Manic Drive, VIP CD Review & Giveaway

Manic Drive is clearly very intentional about reaching their generation and inspiring them to pursue a deeper walk with Christ and to get involved in changing the world they are inheriting. And they are uniquely equipped to do so. The band members, all in their early-mid twenties, have made sacrifices to pursue God’s call on their lives. Their life experience, spiritual maturity and ministry have opened doors to speak into the lives of their own generation and that is perhaps the most defining characteristic of this group of guys. They speak boldly about the issues facing their peers and do so in a relevant and compelling way because they are dealing with the same pressures and struggles with the same feelings and emotions their peers face everyday. Michael explains, “Ministry comes first as we strive to encourage each other especially in our walk with God. This is an unprecedented time in history and we are all tired of the stale and mindless. A genuine experience with God is paramount to walking out this life of faith. So many people feel useless or out of place, but we are here to say that we as a generation can shake the world in amazing ways... even through the smallest actions.”

“In our songwriting we talk about the issues of standing up for your faith and being bold in your walk with Christ,” says Shawn. “We are very personal and real when it comes to discussing hard relationships and the loss of loved ones. We cover a number of difficult issues, but we always remain hopeful knowing our faith is in Christ.”

Addressing hard issues with lyrical depth and poignancy, Manic Drive seeks to meet their generation where they are with real and lasting answers. Shawn explains, “Our mission as Christians is to boldly and radically share the message of Christ, to encourage young people in their faith and impact lives, not only through music, but in our daily lives and conversations with people. As music is our passion, our calling is to faithfully share the love of Christ.”

Off their Facebook Page, About link. Go HERE to read more and to like their Page.

As a mom of teenagers, I hear alot of music. Most of it, I dont care for because of the lyrics. But when I heard this song, VIP, from Manic Drive, I was hooked! It has the upbeat and a current sound all with getting the message of God involved. And I can understand the words!
 As I was listening my oldest daughter (15) started to listen in as well and asked for the cd after I was done. She hates the music I listen to so that kinda impressed me! Im hoping she shares it with her church youth group she goes to!  
This would make a great gift for the Holidays that are fast approaching. And I am holding a giveaway to give one lucky reader a copy to keep or give as a gift! 
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October 27, 2014

Dream Team Pets Promo Code!

 Dream Team Pets is much more than a bedtime toy-it's an innovative kid's sleep aid that helps end the bedtime battles of trying to keep your child in bed. Developed with the help of a pediatrician, Dream Team Pets bedtime routine empowers kids as they reward their Pet with stickers and a certificate for a good night's sleep. If the child wakes up from a nightmare, there are no hard feelings because the responsibility is on their Pet, but when they successfully sleep in their own bed, the kids feel a sense of accomplishment as they reward their Dream Team Pet. What makes this unique is that the kids think they are training their Pet, but really they are sleep training themselves!
 My Readers receive 30% Off Dream Team Pets with Promo Code: USFGUIDE



Elsa Halloween Costume

My daughter loves frozen. As do about a million other little girls! This year all the rage apparently is being Elsa for Halloween. I looked online and the costumes were running from $120 to $160! Disney Stores sold out early this year and are on back order and the "thieves" on Ebay are asking god horrid amounts! So I made my daughters!

Lets make sure you all understand that I hate sewing! I hate hand sewing even more. But since my sewing machine broke, I had no choice but to do it by hand. ICK! I think Im still getting glitter out of the chairs and carpet! It took me about a month and a half to finish. It still needs a few tweeks but we think it came out pretty good.

She went to a Fall Festival at school and wore her costume to do a trial run and she said no issues. She also said there were about 30 other Elsa'a and they all had store bought costumes that only went to the top of their ankles. Hes goes all the way to the floor and her train drags a bit behind her. And, she said she got alot of compliments which makes me happy for her.

I did free form the entire thing. I didnt use a pattern because I didnt like the patterns I found for it. I did all the measuring and cutting as well as design. To toot my own horn and ego, I think I did ok! 

Trick or Treat Tips for Parents & Kids

Halloween is one of the funnest times of the year of children. They get to dress up and be whomever they want to be. Adults as well can be a totally different person than normal and get away with it! It can also be a very dangerous one as well. Here are a few tips to help keep you and your little goblins a bit safer this Halloween.

Look for Trunk or Treat activities! These are usually a group of people from organizations such as churches, or family groups who park their cars in a formation and decorate their trunks as if they were mini yards and houses. Kids then go car to car Trunk or Treating. This is a safer alternative to door to door at strangers, if you can find one in your area. If you cant find one, why not start one of your own?!?!

October 24, 2014

Glenn Campbell "I'll Be Me" and "I'm Not Gunna Miss You"

In 2011, music legend Glen Campbell set out on an unprecedented tour across America. They thought it would last 5 weeks instead it went for 151 spectacular sold out shows over a triumphant year and a half across America.
What made this tour extraordinary was that Glen had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He was told to hang up his guitar and prepare for the inevitable. Instead, Glen and his wife went public with his diagnosis and announced that he and his family would set out on a “Goodbye Tour.”
The film documents this amazing journey as he and his family attempt to navigate the wildly unpredictable nature of Glen’s progressing disease using love, laughter and music as their medicine of choice.

(Click the "I'll Be Me" in the upper left corner to start the video.)

Alzheimer's not only robs a person of their memories and thoughts, it also effects the family and their relationships. I remember how it was with my momma's dementia and it was so rough on her. Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia.

10 Signs of Alzheimer's

1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life. One of the most common signs of Alzheimer’s, especially in the early stages, is forgetting recently learned information. Others include forgetting important dates or events; asking for the same information over and over; relying on memory aides
2. Challenges in planning or solving problems. Some people may experience changes in their ability to develop and follow a plan or work with numbers. They may have trouble following a familiar recipe or keeping track of monthly bills. They may have difficulty concentrating and take much longer to do things than they did before.
3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure. People with Alzheimer’s often find it hard to complete daily tasks. Sometimes, people may have trouble driving to a familiar location, managing a budget at work or remembering the rules of a favorite game.
4. Confusion with time or place. People with Alzheimer's can lose track of dates, seasons and the passage of time. They may have trouble understanding something if it is not happening immediately. Sometimes they may forget where they are or how they got there.
5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships. For some people, having vision problems is a sign of Alzheimer's. They may have difficulty reading, judging distance and determining color or contrast. In terms of perception, they may pass a mirror and think someone else is in the room. They may not recognize their own reflection.
6. New problems with words in speaking or writing. People with Alzheimer's may have trouble following or joining a conversation. They may stop in the middle of a conversation and have no idea how to continue or they may repeat themselves. They may struggle with vocabulary, have problems finding the right word or call things by the wrong name (e.g., calling a watch a "hand clock").
7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps. A person with Alzheimer’s disease may put things in unusual places. They may lose things and be unable to go back over their steps to find them again. Sometimes, they may accuse others of stealing. This may occur more frequently over time.
8. Decreased or poor judgment. People with Alzheimer's may experience changes in judgment or decision making. For example, they may use poor judgment when dealing with money, giving large amounts to telemarketers. They may pay less attention to grooming or keeping themselves clean. 
9. Withdrawal from work or social activities. A person with Alzheimer's may start to remove themselves from hobbies, social activities, work projects or sports. They may have trouble keeping up with a favorite sports team or remembering how to complete a favorite hobby. They may also avoid being social because of the changes they have experienced.
10. Changes in mood and personality. The mood and personalities of people with Alzheimer's can change. They can become confused, suspicious, depressed, fearful or anxious. They may be easily upset at home, at work, with friends or in places where they are out of their comfort zone.

Visit http://www.alz.org/ for more information.

October 19, 2014

Beauty and the Beet, A Veggietales Giveaway & Review

This brand-new VeggieTales musical premiered Oct. 14 and stars Kellie Pickler (American Idol, Dancing With the Stars), who brings her unmistakable voice to the role of Mirabelle, a sweet-potato singer whose family band is on the brink of superstardom. BEAUTY AND THE BEET blends the irresistible charm of VeggieTales with a heartfelt message about unconditional love.

The DVD also includes Mac and Cheese, a giddy new “Silly Songs With Larry” segment in which Larry the Cucumber reveals the surprising and heretofore untold history of his family’s unexpected contributions to Italian cuisine. BEAUTY AND THE BEET is just the start of the fun in store this fall for VeggieTales fans, because the gang will also star in a brand-new Netflix original series, VeggieTales In the House, which premieres Thanksgiving weekend.

This was yet another super movie with a great lesson for kids. My kiddos loved this just as they have every other Veggietales they have watched. We even bought another copy so my daughter could give it as a gift to her friend on her birthday! We have never done that before! I am so happy to be able to do a giveaway for Beauty and the Beet! One reader will win their own copy of this super DVD! Good luck!!! Use the easy entry below to win.

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October 14, 2014

The Hardest Peace Review & Giveaway

I was sent a copy of the book, The Hardest Peace in exchange for a review.
No other compensation was given and as always, my opinions are my own.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
If you didn't know it, now you do.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a horrible thing. Being diagnosed with another type of cancer after battling cancer is double the horrible.
This book describes the journey of Kara Tippetts and her family as she ,and they, are faced with the challenges of Breast and Brain Cancer and their, especially her, journey with the Lord.
 I have donated my copy to the Laffayette Center in Brewer Maine. They are the leading Cancer treatment place in Maine. I felt my copy should be shared with others who are just diagnosed and staring their journey.

This book touched my heart. I felt tears start to form as she describe her relationship with her children through this. Her change from soft and warm according to her daughter, to hard and cold (her own opinion). I couldn't begin to imagine her pain, I hope I never have to. But her faith and her belief in the Lord proves that the Lord is stronger than cancer.

Faith, even in times of heartache and hardship, is what we all need.

One reader of this post will get a copy of this wonderful book! Use the easy entry below.

"Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.
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October 13, 2014

Disneys Lion King, Mary Poppins& Sleeping Beauty Giveaway! Oh My!!!!

 I received a 3 CD set of the Legacy Collection CD's as a member of the Entertainment New Media Network. No further compensation was received and all opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links.

 Of course the first CD's we chose were the Lion King ones! I loved this movie and little Simba reminds me so much of my oldest when he was little. I love the song, Hakuna Matata. And each of these albums comes with the song lyrics and background of the songs and movies!

The Lion King was released on June 24, 2014.

The sound is rich and not only did I love listening, so did the kiddos!

Sleeping Beauty was released October 7, 2014.

While I have never been fond of the damsel in distress thing, I loved Sleeping Beauty because of Malificient. I always hope deep down that one day the baddie will win! Yes that is a deep secret of mine. I root for the bad guy sometimes! (My hubby still hopes Darth Vader stays bad at the end, every time we see it he says "Maybe this time!")

The second disc has the Lost Chords of the music and several bonus tracks. I liked these just as much as I like the original songs.

Released August 26, 2014.

There are 3 disks in this one! My favorite, Lets go fly a kite, is on disc one! I could listen to that song all day! Yeah, my kids think Im weird!

I've always loved the idea of the "Perfect" nanny. As a mom of 7 sometimes I wish for her but alas, no Mary Poppins for the Daigle home.

The sounds are clear and just as beautiful as they day I first heard them.

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October 1, 2014

Overrated by Eugene Cho

Mr Cho is the founder and visionary of One Days Wages. One Days Wages is a grassroots movement of people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty. He has been a featured speaker at events such as TEDx, The Justice Conference, and Catalyst. He is also the founder and Senior Pastor of Quest Church, an urban, multi-cultural and multi-generational church in Seattle, WA, where he lives with his family.

I really enjoyed reading Mr Cho's book. My most favorite part is when he states "Fascinate, Not force, people towards the Gospel." I think these words are very true. You can not force people to religion.

Our lives do matter. You cant just tell what your against. Show by living it! Demonstrate what your about! Fascinate and Compel others by your own actions, words and acts. That is what I have gotten out of reading his words.
I have passed on this book to a close friend of mine and she is almost done with it. She called me awhile ago and thanked me for giving it to her because she now "Got it."