October 27, 2014

Elsa Halloween Costume

My daughter loves frozen. As do about a million other little girls! This year all the rage apparently is being Elsa for Halloween. I looked online and the costumes were running from $120 to $160! Disney Stores sold out early this year and are on back order and the "thieves" on Ebay are asking god horrid amounts! So I made my daughters!

Lets make sure you all understand that I hate sewing! I hate hand sewing even more. But since my sewing machine broke, I had no choice but to do it by hand. ICK! I think Im still getting glitter out of the chairs and carpet! It took me about a month and a half to finish. It still needs a few tweeks but we think it came out pretty good.

She went to a Fall Festival at school and wore her costume to do a trial run and she said no issues. She also said there were about 30 other Elsa'a and they all had store bought costumes that only went to the top of their ankles. Hes goes all the way to the floor and her train drags a bit behind her. And, she said she got alot of compliments which makes me happy for her.

I did free form the entire thing. I didnt use a pattern because I didnt like the patterns I found for it. I did all the measuring and cutting as well as design. To toot my own horn and ego, I think I did ok! 

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