April 18, 2024

Arbella Insurance and questionable practices

 *My opinion is my own and this post is my personal view and experience.

In August of 2023, I was T boned in Maine by an old lady. My car needed to have almost 5000 in repairs. Arbella covered the rental and the repairs and some of the medical bills I incurred due to the emergency room visit and after visits for Physical Therapy due to a broken arm and muscle problems.

Arbella told me my insurance would not go up since I was not at fault. This was the first lie they told me. My insurance went up 10. Not too big of a deal.

In January, I was rear ended, and that damage totaled my car. Arbella covered the inspection and rental until my car was deemed totaled. They sent my finance company a check for the balance of the car loan. I signed off on everything and the car is not in my name anymore. I went forward and purchased another car, a 2010, having Arbella insure it. I was informed that my insurance would not go up as I had purchased an older car than I had before. Again, mis truth. My insurance went up 10 again.

Now, I had called Arbella twice and twice told that my original car, a 2011, was going to be taken off my insurance and I would be all set. I would only need to pay on the one car. I DO NOT HAVE THE 2011 CAR. It was totaled and paid off. Its somewhere in a demolition yard. Today, I read my email and see that my insurance is up for cancellation and both cars are still on my policy. They say due to nonpayment.

Here's the thing. I paid my policy. The original amount I was told to by both agents I spoke to. Now I am being told to pay almost 3x what my policy payment should be to keep from being canceled. 

Apparently, this has happened to several others. Arbella is part of the AAA network of insurers. Trying to get ahold of someone to help has been a nightmare.