February 28, 2020

Prompto Oil Change: Review

My review of Prompto Oil Change
Not compensated for this review. This is my experience.

On 2/27/20 I and my husband before our return to Massachusetts decided to stop and get our oil changed as it was overdue and we had a 5-6 hour trip ahead of us. We stopped at Prompto Oil Change on Wilson Street in Brewer Maine. 

The changes started normally and then we were shown the air filter which needed to be changed so we added that on as well. As soon as the change was done we went to restart the car so the oil could run. The car wouldnt start. The worker seemed irritated that it happened but they did jump us.

When we were paying my husband and I split the payment on 2 debit cards. They said no problem. We signed the slips and both debit slips said 26.50. We went on our way.

About half way home we stopped for dinner, 2 hours later. We both checked our bank balances and noticed we had both been double charged for the oil change. I had 2 charges for 26.50, and he had one charge for 56.06. More than double. Say what?!?!

We looked at the slips were were given and the receipt for the oil change. Here is our slip:

You can not read the total with out really looking hard! Scribble numbers much????

So today Husband and I called our respective banks and Prompto. Our banks are dealing with the double charges. I called Prompto and I was told "O this happens from time to time. It will fall off. " Seriously??? On both my husbands card and my card, the same day, and the same time?? Same store?? He was curt and not polite. He refused to listen to my telling him that the charges went through. Not pending, cleared. In total we were charged for $109.06, when it should have been $52.12. He didnt offer a resolution or even apologize. Shame on them! We will not be back there. We will stick to Valvoline Oil Change Stations in Mass from now on.

 Im sure not all stations are like this one. And Im sure not all that work there are like the men we delt with. Im sure there are some very good men and women that work for Pronto and other oil change places. Hopefully these 2 guys we delt with were just having a bad day. 

I did rate them and leave a review on the BBB website. They are not BBB accreditted. 

My Grade for them: