About me....

My story is pretty simple. I work in media as self-employed. I do hold outside employment but would rather keep that part of my life separate and simple.

My kids are:

Adam 28 (moved out)
Zachary 23
Emily 21
Jordan 19
Abigail 16
Ethen 13
Deven 13

Yep, my youngest 2 are twins. Identical boys. I am divorced but have remarried to a wonderful man and we had the wedding of or dreams in June 2019!

I know what its like to grow up in hard times. My mom was a retired teacher by the time I was adopted and my dad was a Firefighter. We lived tight but we lived and I learned alot about the hard things. I can garden and do all the house stuff but I can also run a wood splitter, build things and change oil and tires. 

I currently live just north of Boston and Im loving the environment. 

Thats me in a nutshell. If you ever have any questions or comments you dont want to post, feel free to contact me.

1 comment:

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