Giveaway rules

Rules that are in effect for all my giveaways:

~I will not share any information you give me. 

~You will have 48 hours to respond to my email if you are a winner. If I get no answer, I will choose another winner. Use an email to enter that you check everyday. No exceptions to the 48 hour period!

~I will never disclose your email address. 

~I only ship out on the 16th of the month. Unless it is a small envelope prize. Those I will ship out no more than 2 weeks after winner has responded. 

~I will disclose who is fufilling the award and if the sponsor will ship or if I will ship. If it is the sponsor, I hold no accountability for their agreement to ship.

~If you have won a giveaway on my blog, you must wait at least 30 days to enter to win another giveaway.

~I hold the right to add to the rules as needed.

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