December 9, 2017

Hallmark and Walmart Photo

I was sent a WalMart Gift Card via Love, Hallmark for this review. 
My opinions are my own.

The Holidays are here, and its greeting card time, so there’s no better time than now to hop on your Holiday greeting cards! 

Hallmark has partnered with Walmart Photo on a collection of personalized photo cards available for purchase online or within one hour while you shop! 

With my weird blend of family I chose two different kinds of cards.

Both sets were done in one hour and out in the mail the next day, of course with Holiday stamps. 

We have gotten positive and warm replies to our cards and of course we love them! 

There are many different cards, sizes and designs to choose from.

Pick up in one hour or have them shipped to you. Of course being so close to Christmas, I would do the one hour pick up. 

Order before you leave home to shop, or at the kiozak, and pick up when your ready to check out. 

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