March 28, 2014

Kendall Schmidt Releases new Single! As in Big Time Rush Kendall!!

As you know, I have posted about TuneCore before. But this time, my girls urged me to write! They are huge fans of BTR (Big Time Rush for all you non pre teen and teen parents). Kendall Schmidt and his band, Heffron Drive, are releasing a new single! And its on pre order right now on iTunes!

And the big part, he didn't go with a major label! He went with TuneCore! In his words this is his reasoning for going independent: "I wanted it to be more about the music. Sure, I could have gone to a record label and taken an advance, but I’d be at the mercy of the label again. It seemed to me that if I had the ability, it made sense for me to do it independently, especially now that there are teams like TuneCore who do exactly what a label does, minus all of the tricky business practices involved".

So needless to say, I have asked to add it to iTunes the second it comes out. I may, or I may not. I think I will have to hear it first!

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