November 14, 2014

Easy Bathroom Makeovers, Including the Bathroom Faucet

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Tips for decorating your bathroom on a budget.
Even the Bathroom Faucet!

I'm going to start with a tip that might be a little pricey but worth the extra cost. Paint. Everyone knows a coat of paint can change the ambiance of a room, but for the bathroom you want to make sure to get a good paint that is mold and mildew resistant. You can use it not only on the walls but the ceiling and the floors. Use lighter colors to open up the space. If white is too much for you a beige, off white or a light version of any color would work. If your not looking, or cant afford to do all the walls, even just one wall as a statement can make a major statement. 

Switching out the lighting fixtures and changing the wall plates and outlet covers can make a small but noticeable impact. You can color code them to blend into the wall or to stand out. 

I'm no fan of carpeting of any kind in the bathroom but alot of people are. you can always add a soft looking rug to the bathroom to soften the floor look. 

Shower Curtains
In todays decorating scene there are so many different palates for shower curtains. Plastic or cloth. Multi or single layered. You can even match your accessories to your curtain. This is the cheapest and fastest way to make a difference and they sell sell shower curtains from Wal-mart to the Dollar General Stores. 

Change the hardware on your cabinets and drawers. Switch to knobs instead of pulls or vice versa. Use colored knobs in different colors for another splash of color.  Putting a new shower head or a new bathroom faucet will change the ambiance as well.

Add decorative shelves and store little items in jars. Purpose almost anything to make creative shelving.
(Anna White)

Mirrors are perfect for opening up space. They can give the illusion of a bigger more open room if hung opposite a window. 

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  1. Renovated kithcen fauctes. Removed the older one and replaced with Danze Stainless Steel Bar from