November 8, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things......

One plate, many designs! Change up your table with Plate-Ables - reusable decals from Create UR Plate! 

How awesome would it be to give Grandparents a personalized plate from the grandkids?! 

Gifts With Humanity - You Shop We Donate

How about going green with gifts? 
On top of that doing a bit of extra good too!
Today through November 12th, save 10% on all jewelry handmade from recycled materials!

How about an adventure that can last year round!

 Every month your child will get a package for a "trip". 
In a way there's a Christmas moment
 every month, year round!

What little person wouldn't love to get some of these adorable designs? The mittens alone sell it for me! If you gotta be warm, be warm adorably!

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