September 5, 2013

CheriBundi Tea and Juice Review and Giveaway

CheriBundi Tart Cherry Juice & Tea Review + Giveaway!

CheriBundi has been built around one thing, a cherry. One day at Cornell University food scientists discovered the benefits of tart cherries and developed a juicing process so all the goodness and nutrients from the cherries could be transferred over to an amazing tasting juice. CheriBundi includes phytonutrients that is not found in other superfruits and juices due to their unique way of juicing. CheriBundi has not only been tested in the lab, but many amateur, college and professional athletes have tried and tested the juice and it has been shown to aid in their daily regimen. CheriBundi is an all natural juice, so if you are trying to get healthy, stay healthy and live in an active lifestyle then CheriBundi juice is for you!
Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to work with CheriBundi and I couldn't wait to get my box. I was only expecting a few to try out, but I received a whole case of juices and immediately went to trying them out. I received a great mix of juices and teas which included: Tart Cherry Blueberry Refresh , Tart Cherry Lemonade Refresh, Tart Cherry Raspberry Refresh, Tart Cherry Pomegranate Refresh, Tart Cherry Cranberry Refresh, and the teas which were: Green Tea with Tart Cherry Refresh, Black Tea with Tart Cherry Refresh, Jasmine Tea with Tart Cherry Refresh, and Rooibos Tea with Tart Cherry Refresh, as well as receiving a few coupons for $1.00 off. I wasn't to sure how the tea's would taste, because being in the south we love our sweet tea and I have tried green tea and white raspberry tea and I didn't really like them. I tried the juices first and the very first one I tried was Tart Cherry Lemonade Refresh. I was amazed at the taste, it was just such an amazing and refreshing taste. I was thinking it was going to have a very tart and sour taste, but it was the complete opposite. It tasted exactly like lemonade with a nice cherry taste. I absolutely loved it and this along with Tart Cherry Pomegranate Refresh would have to be my most favorite juices I have tried. My husband couldn't get enough of the Tart Cherry Blueberry Refresh and Tart Cherry Cranberry Refresh. Those were a little on the tart and sour side but my husband really enjoyed them. One evening after dinner I wanted something refreshing to drink and didn't want the sugary sweet tea or sugary juice and I surely didn't want water, so that's when I decided to try out one of the teas. I tried out the Rooibos Tea with Tart Cherry Refresh first because I liked the name of it and have never heard of it. This tea was the best tea I have ever tasted (it's even better than sweet tea). My husband was outside changing the brakes on our truck and I made him get out from under it so he could try it out. Needless to say we fought over this bottle it was so good. I tried out the Jasmine Tea with Tart Cherry Refresh and it was just amazing how they tasted so good. You can still taste a hint of cherry but it is so good. I tried out the Green Tea with Tart Cherry Refresh and Black Tea with Tart Cherry Refresh and while they were ok, they were still on the kinda tart side and wasn't really sweet, but my husband absolutely loved them. He liked the fact he could come in after working a long hot day (he works at a rock quarry outside in the 100 degree heat all day) and get a refreshing drink without his stomach having to feel bad from all the sugar and having something with flavor instead of water.
I really enjoyed trying out all of these amazing flavors from CheriBundi and now that we are out, I plan on using the coupons they sent me to go and get more on my next grocery shopping day. If you want to buy some, head over here to use their store locator and find a store near you that sales CheriBundi Tart Cherry Juice. A lot of the Fresh Market and Whole Foods grocery stores carry them.
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