September 4, 2013

Diamond Nexus Earrings Review & Giveaway

Diamond Nexus
Because dreams do come true.

 This event is hosted by Debras Random Rambles and The Deal Matchmaker. They are not responsible for fulfillment. The sponsor, Diamond Nexus, will ship the product to the winner. I was sent a pair of earrings to review. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.

Guess whats in this beautiful box?

This box is! And guess whats in this box!


They are from Diamond Nexus and they are so pretty!
Their biggest product, the Diamond Nexus diamond simulant, is a revolutionary coated crystal that nearly perfectly recreates the optical and physical properties of an earth-mined diamond.
Significantly different from and better than other competing products such as CZ and Moissanite a Diamond Nexus simulant will cut glass, and like an earth-mined diamond, will last forever. No one in the world, including your jeweler, can tell that a Diamond Nexus simulant is not a natural diamond without scientific testing.
To find out what the difference between Diamond Nexus stones and diamonds, visit their website page that explains it, HERE.
I was sent the .84 Diamond Nexus stubs that are seen above. It took everything sneaky I had to keep them grom my daughter claiming them. Shes 8 so sparkly is her thing right now. I really love these earrings! The are sparkly and have the backing on them to make sure you dont loose them out of your ear.

This is how they look on me in my 2nd hole. They would look better in the 1st hole but I dont use mine due to constant infections and reactions.

 More about Diamond Nexus:

~They are the official jewelry sponsor and creators of the Miss Universe Organization crowns.
~They have been awarded an A+ rating, which only 5% of businesses ever achieve.
~They are a part of the prestigious list of top 500 internet retailers in the world!
~We’ve been voted a “Best of Weddings” jeweler from “The Knot” three years running.
~They also have a Triple Money Back Guarantee!  You can read more about their Guarantee HERE.

They are also have a Commitment to the Environment. No Harmful Mining and Conflict Free. To read more about their Environmental Commitment, please visit them HERE.

 Catch them on Facebook as well. Here is a short intro to their page!

Diamond Nexus is generously offering a pair of earrings to one lucky reader! The winner of the contest will get a pair of .84 Diamond Nexus Simulated Earrings est. value at $245.00. To read more about  the earrings they are offering, go HERE.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Debras Random Rambles, The Deal Matchmaker and other particpating blogs are not responsible for prize fufillment. Diamond Nexus assumes all responsibility and shipment of prize.


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