September 15, 2013

DocSafe Review and giveaway

Personally, I am prone to forget everything. I forget where I put things all the time. My husband says I would loose my head if it wasn't attached. So when I was offered a chance to review The DocSafe, I jumped all over it! Sign up was easy. The questions basically led me to what I had to do. The whole process was very simple. 

Want to organize and simplify your life? Wouldn't it be great to be able to locate your critical financial and personal information and files in one location that is available to you anywhere in the world.  The DocSafe turns that into a reality for you.

Are you concerned that your family will not have immediate access to your estate information if you get sick or even worse, die??  Are you afraid that a natural or unnatural disaster might destroy everything including your important papers for insurances? Do you travel alot? Or are you in the military? Worried about being able to change or show documents?

DocSafe is the product for you! All you need to do is answer a few questions and then scan and upload your documents.  Easy and simple! You can also give access to someone else and restrict what they can do on the site. 

Since you put so much energy and time into preparing your documents, having them filed and documented and notarized, shouldnt you take the extra step and store them safely? Its easy! Just gather your documents, scan and upload them to DocSafe. The program is simple and they help you every step of the way.

What kinds of documents should you store?  Each section has a list of what they suggest you save.

 Estate Planning:

Revokable Living Trusts
Pre/Post Nuptual Agreements
Financial Powers of Attorney
Health Care Powers of Attorney

Military Personnel
Wills & Trusts
Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney
TRICARE  Information
ID Cards
Dept. of Defense specific forms such as DD-214

Disaster Planning
Wills & Trusts
Birth and Death Certificates
Copies of Social Security Cards
Insurance Policies
Inventory and Appraisials
Deeds & Mortages

Special note to Military Personnel Direct copied from DocSafe website.

Our Commitment to You

You are the people we love to serve. Your commitment to serving our country with the qualities of honesty, integrity and loyalty define you as a member of the military. We strive to honor those qualities as we, in turn, serve you.

In recognition of your service, we are pleased to extend special promotions to you and your family.

Simply  CONTACT US so that we can offer our thanks to you and a unique promo code for a discounted membership. When you contact us, please provide:
  • your name; and
  • copy of your DoD identification card (you can scan it in and black out your DoD ID number if you wish), OR email us from your ".mil" account
If you are on active duty and preparing for deployment, you may want to review this Pre Deployment Guide courtesy of Navy Federal  Credit Union.
The DocSafe offers a 14 day free trial to everyone. If anytime within the 14 days you decide to cancel, you can and your documents will be removed.  With monthly memberships for 5.95 and yearly for 49.95, it really is a great deal. You can sign up for the trial membership HERE. 

The DocSafe people are offering my readers a chance to win a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP! There isnt just 1 winner either! Ready for this??? There will be 10 winners!!!! All you have to do is enter the copter below.

~Debras Random Rambles is not responsible for prize fufillment. Debras Random Rambles received a membership for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way, My opinions expressed are, as always, my own.~ 

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