September 6, 2013

Bus Stop Rules for Parents

We all know the kids have bus rules and bus stop rules. When they dont follow them, they get in trouble or kicked off the bus for awhile. After an incident at my daughters bus stop the other day I got to wondering..... 

Shouldnt their be rules for parents at the bus stop?

If I was the boss, there would be rules for parents at the stops and if they were broken they would be banned from the stop for a day or so depending on the breakage. Here are my rules:

NO Foul language! Not all of us throw F bombs and other crude body part words around like they are everyday language.

No threatening. I dont want my kid hearing you threaten another kids mom or dad. I dont let my kids do it to each other, why should it be ok for you?

No PJ's. Seriously, I dont want to see your jammies. At least throw shorts and a t-shirt on.

Smile and wear your happy face! I dont want to hear how much you hate the blond kids mom. I may or may not like her, but I wont like you if you bash her every am. Vent to your friends. Just cause we share a stop, it doesnt make us friends. 

If you cant keep the rules, Id be more than happy to watch your kid at the stop. Id watch them like they were my own. Ill watch them walk from your house to the stop, and make sure they got on the bus ok. 

Kids have enough stress on their own on a daily basis why should their parents make it worse?

Feel free to comment or add a rule. I have had enough of the poop that parents do. Kids learn from example ya know!

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