November 29, 2013

My no makeup experiment!!

My experiment:
I went 5 days with no makeup! I was challenged by someone who shall remain un-named. She challenged me to do it for 10 days but after 5 I was done! For me this is something big! I am that woman who cant run to the corner store for milk without taking a shower and doing hair and makeup. (You never know who will you see!) I am so petty about it I have been known to shower at 10pm and do full makeup just to run to the gas station, 1/2 mile away, to get milk!
For 5 days I did not wear makeup of any kind. I did moisturize tho. I only wore my hair pulled back into a clip. Yes, I did shower. No way I would have not done that!  To be honest, Im one of those that really needs to wear some makeup or I will scare the cats and dogs!  After 5 days I gave up!  
You would think that after all that, my skin would have had a break and decided to behave, even just a bit. NOPE! I still got the dreaded chin pimple, and more. I dont think my skin improved one bit! It still looked kinda dull and my fine lines and wrinkles seemed to stick out more. I am not one of those grow old gracefully women. I have had to color my hair since I was 18 due to all the white. Not gray, white! This is something my husband and children like to torment me about the second the color starts to go.
My conclusion:

Maybe it just looked bad to me. I dont know. Im too scared to ask opinions of anyone who saw me. My husband, children and friends are the brutally honest type and I dont think I could really take it. So for now I will call this my fail and swear not to do it again!

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