November 2, 2013

Hi BabyBoo! by The Yo Gabba Gabba Creators

yo gabba gabba photo: yo gabba gabba Gabba.png

My kids loive Yo Gabba Gabba!  We were excited to hear that YoGG co-creator, Scott Schultz, and YoGG music supervisor, Ben Schultz, along with Night & Day Studios, are creating a new video series and app for babies!
Hi Babyboo! will bring music, art, puppets,  sign language, and giggles to the youngest audiences with Hi BabyBoo! But they need our and your help.
They are taking this project directly to friends and fans with Kickstarter. Funding will help produce a new multimedia experience for toddlers and babies, including five-minute episodes of the new show and an interactive iPad app that kids and grownups can enjoy together. Supporter rewards include a variety of exclusive Hi BabyBoo! items, such as T-shirts, onesies, plush dolls, baby books, posters, a production diary, the finished app, and even chances to meet the crew and join the cast.
You can visit their Facebook page HERE 
Please join us in supporting the Schultzes to bring this magical project to life! To view the project and enter for a chance to win a bunch of cool prizes, look below!

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