June 18, 2013

Recycled tin cans

Recycled tin cans

I'm a Pintrest junkie! Ill admit it. I love looking at all the crafty things people make. I'm craft challenged. I like to try things but they usually don't turn out like they should. I have a ton of empty cans and thought how hard can it be to recycle these? So off to Pintrest I went and got a few ideas but decided to go with the simplest idea I could find.

So I started with 4 cans.

Then, because I cant paint worth anything, I dipped the cans into the paint I had chosen and put them on a plastic bag to dry.

After about 10 hrs, they were completely dry. I used a screwdriver an hammer to put holes in the center of the can tops. I strung line through, knotting each can into position and making a loop at the top to hang.

And here is my completed tin can wind chime. If I decide to do this again I would definitely use a thinner line or twine as the cord doesn't allow the cans to swing freely enough to make good sounds. But at least it looks cute on my front porch.

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