June 4, 2013

Melted Crayon Crayons

Melted Crayon Crayons

As a mom of 7, the abundance of broken crayons never goes down! Usually crayons are broken within the first 10 minutes of being opened. So I finally caved and did the traditional melting of the broken crayons. But since I'm very attached to my muffin tins, I didn't want to use them. So instead I used my silicon teddy bear mold. 


Pre heat oven to 250 F

Take all your broken crayons and separate them into piles of colors. They don't all have to match perfectly. Peel the wrappers off.

Place them, broken into smaller pieces, into the mold that you have chosen. I choose to put like colors in together so the new crayons would be multi-colored.

If you use a silicone mold, I suggest you put it on a cookie or baking sheet. When these are taken out of the oven, the melted wax could spill.

Put mold or your pan into the oven at 250 and melt. To be honest  I didn't pay much attention to the time. I just kept peeking in on it until I saw they were all melted. Take out of oven when they are melted an put on a cooler surface to harden. It doesn't take long. 

After they are hard pop out of the mold an voila! New crayons!!

We did find that we had to press down a bit harder than we had to with normal crayons but all said the kids loved the shapes.

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