June 21, 2013

Mid Nite sleep product review

I was sent a full sized product and 5 samples to try and to review as Im a BZZZ agent. My opinions are my own and I got no other compensation for my post. 

I'm not a pill person. I don't like to take anything to help  me sleep because most of the stuff leaves me too groggy the next day. With 6 kids, I cant be groggy. I have taken melatonin before and I apparently don't sleep well cause in the am I'm still tired and groggy and worst of all grumpy. I'm not a perky person. I'm a grouch and melatonin makes it worse. In my opinion, and my families opinion. I still gave this a try tho. 

I only took one. These are designed to melt under your tongue. No chewing or water needed. Kinda left a weird after tasted that I washed away with a drink of water. I was sleepy about 15-20 min later and off to bed I went. I fell asleep pretty fast but in the am, I was so groggy. It took me all day to wake up. I figured it may just be a one time thing. So I tried it again the next night. I took one tablet and went to bed. Unfortunately I had the same thing happen the next morning. I'm just assuming melatonin and I don't agree with each other. My kids take it before bed and wake up in an ok mood. I guess I'm just weird!

MidNite's four natural sleep ingredients include melatonin (1.5 mg. of melatonin) and a  blend of lavender, lemon balm and chamomile (22 mcg.). The blend was developed to provide optimal sleep results.

Numerous clinical and safety tests have proven the safety, non-toxicity and effectiveness of the ingredients in MidNite.

  • MidNite contains no drug ingredients whatsoever.
  • MidNite is gluten and lactose free.
  • MidNite's pleasant tasting tablets are not cavity causing.
  • Unlike over the counter sleep drugs, there are no specific reasons why you shouldn't be able to take MidNite if you suffer from Bronchitis, Glaucoma, or Prostate problems.

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