December 23, 2014

Why meeee???????

I was definitely not compensated for this post. This is my personal opinion and experience. Yours may have been or might be different than mine.

Awhile back I posted about Getting the card and reviewing it for the first time was easy. Very easy.
Fast forward a year and a half and I am needing to get a replacement card due to mine being stolen. All honesty, one of my kids took off with my wallet and its contents as well as my favorite purse and I have seen no trace of any of it, the purse or contents, anywhere. The kid however, I see everyday.
Hence my call to their customer service. Mid November. I told them what happened and that I needed a replacement card. The rep told me they would get a replacement out to me withing 48 hrs and cancel the old card. Fine. No issues with that. Then they said it would take 8-14 to get. Whatever.
 17 days later, still no card. Another call to customer service.
Apologies and promises to get a replacement out to me. I did get mad as I had money on the account and had a deposit put in right before I cancelled the old card. Promised money would get on it with no issues. 8-14 days. Whatever but this is getting old!
18 days later. STILL NO CARD! Yet another call to customer service. They don't understand the problem! GRRRR!!! Been through this before. Repeated everything and demanded to be put through to a supervisor. I get the supervisor, or the girl in the next cubical I think. We go through it again and she tells me to go online and order another card. It will all transfer and Ill be all set.
7 days later, I GOT A REPLACEMENT CARD!!!! I call to activate it and talk to a rep who seems to know what they are doing/saying. Tells me 2 days and all money should be on card. 3 days later, no money so I call again. The rep tells me should be all set give another 2 days. 3 MORE days later, still no money on my card! Now I'm very angry!
I call again and the rep says hold please while I look into it. 13 min later he's back on telling me his supervisor is looking into it and asked if I could continue to hold. I got snippy and said I'm trying top get my money of course Ill hold! 16 minutes later a woman gets on the line tells me she doesn't understand why its taking so long to transfer the funds from one account card to another. Honestly, I really wanted to reach through the phone and throttle someone. ANYONE!
So she puts me on hold, again. Comes back about 10 min later and says I should be all set and, ready for this??? Give it 2 Days and the money should be transferred to the new account!
My kids and hubby say I'm too nice on the phone and with other people. But this woman got the snotty of me! I flared at her like no tomorrow and said "I'm not going to believe you until I see my money in my account within 2 days! I'm tired off all the sh*t to get my own money in my hands! I do need it to help feed my children!"

Horrible experience so far and I have a feeling that it wont be resolved in 2 days either!

UPDATE: FINALLY! I have my money! It was 4 days, but I will stop there in the complaining. 

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  1. What a nightmare. Sounds a lot like every time I have to call Comcast. so much incompetence! Sorry you had to deal with that.