September 24, 2017

My Tips for Purchasing A Car

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I didn't get the car in the divorce. That makes life a little tough. 
I needed to start the car search for an affordable vehicle I could use to travel where I needed to, when I needed to. afforded me the luxury of looking for a car from the comfort of my dining room table.
The search tools were very easy to use and let me pick exactly what I was looking for and in the price range I could afford. 
 These are the steps I took in looking for a new car. Mind you I decided on a used car that fit in my budget that had higher miles, but an excellent maintenance record.

Determine Your Budget

Look at your numbers. What can you realistically afford after the necessities are paid. Don't forget you need to include insurance costs as well. Don't break the bank.

Research Vehicles: New or Used

Can you really afford a new car? Or would you be better off with a "new" used vehicle? Brand new cars can cost up to $45000 now. A quality, well maintained used car can be bought for under $12000.

Financing Or Purchasing Options

How will you purchase the car? What kind of interest rate can you get with your credit? Make sure to know your credit score and shop around for the best interest rates if you need to get a loan for your purchase. Or have you saved enough to pay for a vehicle in full? 

Dealership Options

Whats the reputation of the dealership you are looking to buy from? Are the mechanics certified? Do they have Better Business Bureau rating? What are complaints or praises?

Test Driving

Make sure to take a real test drive. Not just down the road and back. Hit the highway or go on a bumpy road or a road with curves and stops. Get a good feel while you drive. If it doesn't feel right in the test, it wont feel right later on. 

One other thing, car seats. If your little people are going to be spending anytime in the vehicle, you need to make sure all of the car seats will fit with space left over for the wiggles of feet. 

Check out the video has about their car seat checks. HERE

Child seat safety is very important! 

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