August 6, 2017

Free Sample of SASMAR Personal Lubricant

Free Sample of SASMAR Personal Lubricant 
Chicago, 2 August 2017: Personal lubricant brand SASMAR, announced today that it has launched a global lube sample campaign allowing consumers to try one of their long lasting formulations that will be mailed to them free of charge and no purchase is required.

SASMAR aims to enhance the quality of consumers lives with its personal lubricants that are designed to replenish moisture, feel silky and soft on the skin and actually help to increase the pleasure of lovemaking for both partners. The free sample campaign is designed to encourage consumers to experience the high quality of SASMAR personal lubricant formulations and also for consumers who have never used a lube to try personal lubricant for the first time.

The stigma associated with personal lubricant being only for those that experience vaginal dryness or couples “not doing it right” is a myth and our goal with this free sample offering is to communicate the message that SASMAR lube adds fun and excitement for all couples says Laurent Joly, Assistant Brand Manager. “The number of requests received in the past days is incredible and we are looking forward to getting the samples out for people to try!”he further added.

SASMAR was founded in 2005 due to increasing demand from consumers wanting to buy high quality intimate lubricant that did not give them thrush, dry out quickly or get sticky from a supermarket or pharmacy without needing to order it online and wait days for delivery. True to its promise the company now has its range of water-based, silicone based, warming and flavored lubes in more than 60 countries globally, is a major supplier of lubricant to the United Nations and other non-profit governmental organizations working on the prevention of HIV/Aids and reduction of unwanted pregnancies around the world. SASMAR lubricants are FDA cleared and tested compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms providing assurance to consumers of quality that can be trusted to enhance their love life instead of complicating it.
This isn’t the first time SASMAR has run a free lube sample offer, in 2006 the company launched its silicone lubricant with a huge sample giveaway within Australia that lasted many months and resulted in more than 200,000 samples being distributed across the country from their then headquarters in Sydney.
The SASMAR free lube sample offer is available to consumers in United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia and most of Europe and being over the age of eighteen is a requirement.

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