June 13, 2016

Life Through Lasagna Eyes: Learning How To Turn Tragedy Into Triumph (Press Release)

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Life Through Lasagna Eyes: Learning How To Turn Tragedy Into Triumph 

Chicago, IL, June 10, 2016 – When life throws you lemons, make something delicious. Samantha Kendall, author of Life Through Lasagna Eyes: The Recipes for Life, uses her own journey of how she rebounded from heartbreak and tragedy to help others find their passion.  The book – vibrant, heartfelt, and hilarious – features recipes to live by as Sam shares her pain and humor. 

"Life is like lasagna – layers and layers,” says Kendall.  "The layers are filled with love, humor, joy, laughter, and tears … each serving its purpose in the recipes of life.”

Meet Samantha Kendall, a.k.a. the "Lasagna Lady” of Chicago and founder of Sam's Gourmet Lasagna.  Kendall's passion for keeping her family healthy resulted in a variety of recipes using the same layering technique of her children's favorite meal – lasagna.  Now the "Lasagna Lady” takes layering her family's favorite ingredients to a new level in the first of her Life Through Lasagna Eyes book series. In addition to being a talented chef, entrepreneur, and author, Kendall is also a motivational speaker.

Visit www.samsgourmetlasagna.com for more information.  

Life Through Lasagna Eyes: The Recipes for Life
By Samantha A. Kendall
PIAOTT Publishing
Available at Amazon.com   
ISBN-13:  978-0692599037

Angela, mother of a child lost to gun violence:  "I read the book and it touched my heart. I loved how [the author] compared all the different levels and ingredients to life experiences, love, friend[ship]s... how to learn how to laugh again … paying it forward in doing things for others... I really enjoyed it.”

Excerpts from reviews on Amazon.com:

"I read it once a week and always obtain meaningful nuggets that inspire me to do more; help others to do more...it's filled with layers and layers of anything is possible.”

"I highly recommend getting [book] written by Samantha "Sam the Lasagna Lady" Kendall. If you've ever suffered a major loss and need encouragement, this book is for you!”

"…Thank you, Samantha for sharing your story, your faith and your resolve. Your strength to say "Yes” to personal joys and professional success even after devastating loss is uplifting…Samantha's authentic writing style and view of life in the layers of a lasagna is warm and imaginative. In these pages are lovely thoughts; take aways for you to savor; affirmations to use daily in your own life. I do hope in her next book Samantha reveals one of her award winning lasagna recipes. Being able to "cook together” would be a fun and delicious ending to this book, or perhaps the ingredients and steps could be revealed throughout tempting us to build the delicious layers of lasagna and life.”

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