June 7, 2016

House of Brides is now House of Bridal Disaster

(photo Credit: Google Street View 2011)

In Bangor Maine there are 4 places to get your wedding outfits and dresses that are considered classy or acceptable.

One of those, House of Brides, is now deemed the House of Bridal Disaster as they closed their doors and shut off Brides and others to the items they had ordered. Deposits that have been paid are no doubt not being returned. Dresses ordered will probably not arrive. Other local Bridal shops have stood up and offered discounts and specials to those that have been effected. This was done out of the generosity and understanding that is abundant in the Central Maine area during situations like this.

Store owner, Jill Smith, is not able to be reached for comment. The stores Facebook Page, phone, and the owners own personal cell have all been disconnected.

There is a Facebook Page that has been started for those effected by the closing. 
You can view it HERE

Getting married is one of the most stressful things a woman can go through in her life, besides childbirth and divorce. To have this happen at the almost peak of wedding season is an unfathomable sin! This is not only messing with emotions but money.

To read more, visit this article in the Bangor Daily News.

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