May 4, 2016

The Duck of Justice...A Ducks Story of Fame and More on the Best Police Department Facebook Page.

 If you think cops don't have a sense of humor, you have not been reading the Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook page! 

The Police Department has 80 officers and serves Bangor Maine with an approximate population of 3400 and their Facebook page has almost 155,000 likes. But the most popular officer, isn't even a guy or gal. Its a little stuffed duck, named The Duck of Justice. 

He was stuffed by a taxidermist and rescued by Sgt. T. Cotton from a trash compactor at the district attorney’s office. It appears to be a way for the department to get residents’ attention about sometimes serious matters in a crowded social media atmosphere.

The duck appears in cop car pictures with beautiful sunsets and sunrises,
 interviews with rookie officers,
and at various events in the City of Bangor, Maine.  

He is also, when available, open to visitors at his home in the police station. 
He seems to get along well with all his coworkers!

Not only does the duck to public service, there are also items for purchase that will make you one of the cool people. They are available at (Link goes direct to D.O.J. products that are available.)
What better mascot for this Police Department could there be? Not one I can think of. He blends in with the funny and informative posts of Sgt. Cotton, who writes the posts for the department. 
About the first of the month he posts totals and incidence number with a point of humor that makes you forget how saddening the numbers can really be. And even tho cops and firefighters have an age old rivalry he still posts the furry rescue of the Bangor Fire Department saving ducklings from a storm drain with his twist of humor. 
Other features include:
Non-duck cop car selfies
Silly photos of department staff
Posts looking for misbehaving adults
Interviews with Rookies
If you haven't heard of or followed the Bangor Maine Police Department yet on Facebook, I suggest you do so as soon as you can! They are the best!
To be completely honest I don't know if the D.O.J. is male or female so I refer to it as a he in this post.

Bangor Police Department on Facebook

Bangor Maine Police Department Website  (They are hiring co-workers for the duck!)

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