February 29, 2016

My DIVA Cup Experience

This IS NOT a sponsored post. I purchased this product with my own money and this is my honest opinion and review of this product. It may contain graphics and language not suitable for children.
As a woman in my 40's and having had children I chose size 2. 
Size one is for women who have not had kids or are younger and size 2 is for women who have had children. 
That is what you get when you buy it. 
One cup and a carrying case and of course an instruction sheet. 
Why did I decide to switch? Not only does it save money, but I don't have to go to the store or ask my husband to buy pads and tampons, at least for me. I have not converted my daughters, yet. 
And, it saves on landfill mess. Not only do I now use the cup, I also have been using cloth pads. Yes, they are reusable but its not as nasty as you might think. And they are easy to clean too. 
I am going to suggest you try this at home before your period. There is a learning curve and it can be a little messy. Sometimes Serial Killer hands messy. 
You have to relax. That's the biggie. If you are not, your vaginal muscles will tighten up and then it will be a challenge. There are several different ways to "fold" the cup and I prefer the "7". 
The good part is, if you don't get it far enough in, a few kegals or sitting up and down in a chair will help it move up into place. 
I think I chose the wrong period for my first use because I had to empty it 4x in a 12 hour period. I had to empty it about every 3 hours because apparently I released 2 eggs this month and my period was Mt. Vesuvius instead of Mt. St. Helen's. If you tend to have heavy periods, I will suggest wearing a panty liner or light flow pad on the heavy day, just in case. 
I am planning on putting it in when I get the telltale back cramps the day before I start. But one thing, when you take the cup out, you have to bear down like your birthing a baby or taking a big poop. And don't be ashamed if you pass gas! It happens, so I hear!
You do have to rinse it out at every change. Or at least wipe it out with damp toilet paper. So until you find what works best for you, change it at home. Would you really want to see someone with blood all over their hands walking out of the stall in the women's room? NOPE, me neither!
I love it! No tampons or carrying one in my purse. I recommend it!


  1. Great review! I made the switch to reusable products last year and it has really helped. Love your description of the bearing down part. SO true!

    1. Ive birthed a diva cup several times over lol

  2. I have been using mine for over a year now and I love it! I have gotten to the point where it is so much less messy to insert and remove. Will never go back to tampons.

  3. At first I had a very defined love/hate relationship with my Diva Cup. I have finally gotten into a rhythm with using it now, and we are getting along much better now! I love it.

    1. Glad to hear your friends now. I hope to be on that good of terms with mine soon.

  4. I have not read anyone who tried it not loving it, so I guess either they don't write about that, or they know themselves well enough to not even try it. I just keep hoping for a hysterectomy for Mother's Day. I am fairly certain I couldn't use one, I can't use tampons. I understand the love for it. So, good job writing a post, and handling the personal stuff with class and grace.