November 13, 2015

Why I wear my wedding ring.

This is an opinion piece. My opinion. You are entitled to your own.

I saw a post from another blogger a few days ago that kind of irritated me a bit. It was titled "Why I don't wear my wedding ring". Honestly, I didn't think much of the post. And here is my opinion why.

I wear my wedding ring, not my diamond (Loose prong and scared of the diamond falling out but will be fixed soon!) my choice.  My husband does not, his choice. It does bother me, a bit but we are still married, in a trouble time, but still married. I love him and he loves me. 

I can understand not wearing your ring if you are in a job that wearing such a thing could put you at risk of injury such as a burn or actually loosing the finger. I can understand if you lost weight and it no longer fits, or you gained weight and your finger got too big. A ring can be re-sized so its not a long term thing. 

The post I read had petty reasons. 

She didn't like the way her ring would turn and catch on things. So don't wear the diamond or engagement ring. Only wear the band. That's what I do. It doesn't other me, at all.

She didn't care if "Joe Schmo" at the grocery store knew if she was taken or not. I'm the opposite. I'm proud of being married to my best friend and I want the world to know that I'm happy to wear the gift of rings he gave me. I want to "warn away" other men. I am taken and have no interest in your flirting and come on lines. Yes, I know some still do that and it has happened to me. I just show my hand smile as I walk away!

She said "Its just a ring". Not its not. Its a symbol of love and commitment that is between you and your spouse. They are a symbol of your love and affection. Not wearing it does show to others, weather you mean it to or not, that there is something missing.

Its expensive. Like I said before I wear my gold band. I don't wear my diamond. That I wear if we go out together or its a special occasion. I like to show it off. It has a special place in my jewelry box. I don't wear it around the house as I don't have a need to. The kids know we are married, they don't need to see the flashy. Just the plain gold band. 

From the article: The meaning of the naked finger:  I have a friend who has had affairs with a lot of married men, and she says the reason she even talked to them in the first place was because not one wore a wedding ring. Later, after she’d slept with them, they’d tell her they were married, and when she asked why they didn’t wear rings, they all gave the same explanation: “I just don’t like jewelry.” When she told me this, she shook her head wryly and said, “All those married women out there whose husbands aren’t wearing rings should be worried. It’s never an innocent choice.”

That, bothers me to no end. It does scream available when the ring isn't there. The ring is the symbol of TAKEN. 

Even when a marriage is in jeopardy or trouble the wedding ring should remain. In my opinion unless you are in a high risk job and cant wear the ring at work, it should be on your finger!

I know it sounds petty and small but it is my personal opinion and I am entitled to it!

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KiKi B.: I wear my wedding ring because it is a symbol of our eternal love and commitment.

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