November 2, 2015, A Students New Best Friend!

*This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my time working on and writing this review.

Remember High School? Or even better, remember college? I sure as heck do. And I never want to go back! One of the worst parts about college was the writing. Back in my day we all didn't have laptops and google to help write. We had to trudge to the Library, look things up in the Card Catalog, search the shelves for the right books then check them out and drag them all home. That's all before we could even start to write. Kids now have no idea how lucky they are that Google and laptops make everything just a click away. 

But, with that one click there is also help. Help writing those papers, speech's, editorials and worded items that my generation didn't have. I know that makes me sound old. I am 41, and according to my kids, I'm a dinosaur. is that help. Their only product is writing and they are professionals about it. They offer essays, research papers, reports, term papers dissertations, articles, case studies, proofreading and other writing services.
As you can see there are alot of options. 
The Type not only has resumes but Essays, Papers and more from High School level to the College Masters and PHD levels. 
You can choose the number of pages, all the way up to 200 pages and each page is 250 words.
Deadlines run from 24 hours to 2 months!
The complexity level ranges from High School to PHD.
They also offer Editing and Proof Reading. (In college I could have used the editing. ALOT!)

To order all you have to do is complete the form on the landing page. If you have no idea what you need or want you can always click "Request Custom Quote!" 

After you click Place Order, you come to the information page. Fill out the new customer form first then go onto the next part, the order itself.

This is where you put all the info you need to complete the order. If you are a returning customer, you can even choose a writer, if you want to.

When you finish filling out the form and all the required information you move on to the Payment. What forms of payment do they take you ask? They take the following:

If you have already written the best Thesis or paper you think you possibly could, what you need next is proofreading. All the words in the world are no good if the paper rambles on or has horrid grammar. If you are not lucky enough to be married to or dating a great proofreader, you might want to invest in this part of their service. 
They guarantee that your paper will be proofread by one of their professional writers with years of experience. 

They even offer Plagiarism Checks! 

They guarantee 100% authentic work!

Need a  PowerPoint Presentation? They can help there as well! I had such a hard time putting a PowerPoint together for a presentation at a conference a few years ago, I actually had to hire someone to help me. And he wasn't cheap! 

If your in the need to write for a Grant, basically an asking for money to fund something, they are able to help with that as well.

They also can help with any web content you may need. From Blogs to Website content, they can help.

There is really only one downside for me. I would love to see samples of writings that the proofreaders and the writers have done before I submit my order. Just to make sure their writing style is compatible to mine. 

 "You can also write a review about this service. If you are interested, email for further instructions." 

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