November 16, 2015

Art Therapy, Coloring for Adults

I was sent an Art Therapy Set in exchange for my fair and honest review. 
My opinions are my own and no other compensation was given.

If you are in the United States click HERE to go to the main website of

Get issues 1 and 2 plus your FREE pencil case for just $4.95 and no S&H . 
Get issues 2 and 3 plus your FREE magazine tidy box and FREE coloring board for the special price of $9.90 and just $1 S&H per issue. 
Each issue thereafter is $4.95 each + $1 S&H per issue. 

Every month, Art therapy brings you indispensable, artist-quality supplies that build up into a complete coloring set to create sensational pieces.

Each issue is complemented by pencils or markers specially selected in a full spectrum of colors to add your own creative touch to the designs. Immerse yourself in coloring and be inspired to experiment and achieve stunning results.

Not only can you create colorful pictures, coloring can help reduce stress and anxiety according to psychologists and psychiatrists. 

I color with the kids in their coloring books. This book however has smaller lines and areas that adults can appreciate. I do about 10-15 minutes a day in my room and I actually enjoy it. I have found that I like the time alone and I think the coloring is relaxing.

The designs are simple enough to be easy to color and the designs keep my attention. 

You must be careful though. My girls were super excited to see these books and I had to hide them for a few days so they wouldn't color in them before I did! 

I definitely think every adult should have a few of these in their home, even if they are 99! 

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