October 24, 2015

The Iron Duke by L. Ron Hubbard, A Book Review

*I was sent the book and audio cd set for my review. My opinions are my own as always.

In The Iron Duke Blacky Lee, an American weapons dealer, just happens to be the spitting image of Archduke Philip of Aldoria, a coincidence that enables him to dodge Nazis and ensnare the heart of the attractive Countess Zita, plot elements familiar to readers of Anthony Hope's The Prisoner of Zenda and Rupert of Hentzau . 

Pages: 113
CD: 2 disks

Im not a fan of L. Ron Hubbards religious philosophy, nor his reported horrid home/family life. His books are a different story, those I like. If you enjoy pre war books and movies, you will appreciate this book. If you like pirates and such, you will like this book as well. All in all, I think anyone would like this book!

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