September 30, 2015

DONT tell me raising girls is easier! Just wait until they they are 16!

CAUTION: This is a rant. I may say things that might offend. My blog. My words.
I hate my teenaged daughter. Honestly from the pit of my gut to the tips of my toes. I hate her. What in the world could make me say that?
Let me explain.
From the minute she was born, she has been daddy's girl. She now prefers to hang out with him on the couch, go to karate with him, go shopping with him and have him go to school things. Am I jealous? Nope! I hate school things. And I hate shopping with the girls. WANT WANT WANT! Yes she somehow weaseled her way onto my spot on the couch, but I have no problem kicking her off!
What does bother me is how she can get him to buy her almost anything she wants. No matter if the other kids need something, if she wants it, her father tries the best to get it.
I have a rule in the house and with the kids. No texting or calling dad while he's at work. I don't do it either. She on the other hand feels it her right to do so. Heck, she will even do it while I'm standing right next to her and then look at me, give me attitude and snippy when I catch her. Hello! Do rules mean nothing to her? Yes I have taken her phone away for almost a month before.
And don't get me going on the back talking! So many times I have had to tell her to leave the room I'm in or I might say something I will regret. I mean honestly, how many times can you tell a person to zip it or be quiet before they actually listen? So far I'm at about 500000000 with her!
And the funny thing is, she doesn't get it! She acts like she can do nothing wrong. I keep hoping that one day someone will take her down a peg or two.

There's the issue of her hair. I tell her to stop trimming or cutting her hair because she leaves her hair everywhere. She will look me dead in the eye, and deny it! Hello!!! I don't trim my hair, her sister doesn't touch hers. (Think Rapunzel and the love she had for her hair, that's her sister.) The males, don't have that color or length. My God does she think the fairies cut their hair in the upstairs bathroom at night so that I will blame her and not them??? (No I don't believe in fairies! I stopped that belief along time ago!)

But even after all that, even though I don't like her, I love her more than life.

I love how she tries to loose weight, yes she's a bigger girl, so she can fit into the weight requirements for the US Military. (Its my fault she has a weight issue. Its a thing in the women in my family. I try hard to loose it too and well, lets just say HAHAHA!) I love the fact she wants to serve. She wants to go to college, its a come and go thing.  I will do whatever I can to help her.

I love how she joins clubs and serves her community through things like Key Club. Her Grandfather was in Kwanis as a lifetime member and he would be proud as well if he was still with us.

She is smart. Not honor roll this year, yet. But she has in the past. And she is sometimes too smart for her own good. Sometimes she tries to convince us she knows more than she really does, but we can tell by her facial and body language when she is "filling in".

And we like The Walking Dead. We usually watch it together since dad doesn't like it! She's a Michonne fan and I'm more of an Andrew Lincoln fan. And she loves the comics. We have conversations about that.

So yes, even thought I hate her, I love her more than life.

So don't mess with my daughter. I wont have to threaten anyone because her karate 3 stripe blue belt ass will do it before I ever know anything!

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