September 1, 2015

Admissions Revolution

Disclosure: I was given a free months subscription in exchange for posting. My opinions are my own!

From their website: 

"Sara Harberson, Founder of Admissions Revolution, has devoted her career to making college accessible to students from all over the world. Today, Sara’s mission is to transform how students get into college—her “Admissions Revolution” puts students in the driver’s seat, armed with the knowledge they need to gain acceptance to their dream colleges.

Sara founded Admissions Revolution to provide students and their families with the information they need to get into college. Instead of cramming all her knowledge into a book, Sara has embraced the era of technology and multi-tasking, creating a digital library of videos covering every imaginable college admissions topic.

Once a regular speaker to crowds of thousands, Sara now reaches the masses through a single camera lens. Her message is universal. It’s the truth about a process that has been cloaked in mystery for decades. With Admissions Revolution, Sara is changing the landscape of the college admissions process. No more mystery. No more confusion. No more secrets."

For teens and their parents,knowing where to begin the college selection and application process isn’t easy. In fact, every year it becomes more complicated. That’s why Sara Harberson has founded Admissions Revolution. To remove the mystery, confusion, and secrets from the college admissions process,and put college bound students right where they need to be – in the driver’s seat. Because getting into the right college can be life changing.

As a former dean of admissions and a current high school director of college counseling, Sara Harberson has devoted her career to making college accessible to students from all over the world. Using a series of candid videos and insightful guides, all available on the Admissions Revolution website, this energetic and smart mom of three shares real advice and step-by-step guidance to cut through the confusion and help students navigate the journey to their dream colleges. She intimately explores every facet of the college admissions process– from standardized testing and college visits to Early Decision and why colleges use wait lists, from understanding selectivity and the committee process to financial aid and gapping – dispelling myths and exposing truths along the way.
Admissions Revolution also shares checklists, timelines, webinars, digital chats, and more.

The average cost of an independent college counseling package is $4,000. The hourly rate of an independent college counselor is $150 to $500. That’s why Admissions Revolution does not offer one-on-one college counseling.

 Available on any computer or mobile device 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Admissions Revolution’s videos and guides are designed to make college accessible to students. All monthly and annual subscription plans include a free seven-day trial.

As the mother of a Junior (girl), a graduated Homeschooled Student (boy) and a child already in his lifes work field, I can assure you college planning and admissions is a pain in the tush!

I am all for any and all help in the process and Admissions Revolution is a great place to start.
 They have 2 plans a Standard and a Premium. With each of the plans you get a free weeks trial and you can cancel after that week if its not something you want to continue.

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