August 5, 2015

Lake vs Pool


Summer = Swimming

Summer to this family means outside and swimming! Its swimming season now that the 9 feet of snow and -20 degree weather is GONE!!!

I love swimming! 3 of my kids love to swim! We prefer a lake to a pool. I love the feel of the warm water and sand between my toes. The kids love the bigger rocks to stand on and seeing the little fish swim away from their feet. 

My daughter likes the pool as well. I kinda wish she didn't. The chemicals in pool water are horrid! Not only does it fade her swimsuit, it effects her hair an makes the coloring look odd. Plus, the smell of the pool on the towels is icky!

So I guess you could call us a lake family.

What are you? Lake or Pool?????

Leave your comments below for a chance to win a mystery box from me!


  1. I've never swam in a lake. I need to do that. I've only swam in the ocean and in pools before.

  2. I have swam in a lake before, but lately, with all the brain-eating amoeba things going around, I am a little leary of letting my little guy in any lakes. So, it's pools all the way for us, well, if we had one! LOL

    1. That's what I'm worried about swimming in the lake, too. My kids love the pool.

  3. hahahaha I like this! I swam in a lake before ages ago. I remember diving in to try reach to the bottom but it was dark dark dark!!

  4. We've never tried the lake. I did once when I was younger, but I freaked out because of the mud below. We prefer the pool.

  5. I'm honestly neither one. I"m not too much of a water person, but I like the setting of the lake better.

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