August 17, 2015

Freedom Mentor Review: How To Be A Real Estate Investor

*I was sent a copy of this book as well as compensated for my time. My opinions are my own.*

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For years we have watched flipping shows on TV and I have always been impressed with the profit they make. I have always wondered how did they do that? Now I know and I'm still impressed. 
What can you do but dream of making money when you are totally broke and have nothing to invest? 
Read this book!
The author walks you through the steps of each and every way you can buy property with little to NO money out of your own pocket! Dream come true. He walks you through the process in terms you can understand and actually use. He also provides real life examples that give you a better picture of how situations happen.
All through the book he uses positive quotes from real people. The two appendix's at the end of the book also provide additional information.
With the economy and finances being tight, dreaming and planning are the perfect start to bettering your situation. This book is the perfect start.
The fact that he states throughout the book that you should always operate legally, morally and ethically really spoke to me. Even if something is legal to do, you should always ask yourself if it would be morally ok to do do it? Could you live with yourself if you do something a certain way? That should be your guide.
There are also freebies that you can only get online buy purchasing the book.
I am glad to have read this book and have passed it on to a friend who is considering partnering with me to open our own side business. 
Phil Pustejovsky is a best selling author, national speaker, accomplished investor and has been recognized as the leading real estate investing coach and mentor in the United States and Canada. His works have been featured in CBS MoneyWatch, Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch and Yahoo! Finance. He has shared the stage with other wealth experts such as Robert Kiyosaki. Having been a part of more than 1,000 real estate investments himself, Phil is considered one of the most experienced investors alive. For nearly a decade, Phil has been guiding everyday people to financial freedom through his innovative real estate investing techniques and strategies. Phil's rags to riches bio is an incredible wiki read in and of itself, where you'll discover how he went from homeless to having an extraordinary net worth living the life of his dreams with the help of a mentor. Today, he carries on that tradition mentoring others to financial freedom.

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