August 19, 2015

Estrogel and Menopausal Symptoms

Estrogel and Menopausal Symptoms

                Menopause can be a very problematic period. For many women, it can pose an extreme problem as they learn how to cope with various issues such as hot flushes, mood swings and vaginal dryness. Besides its effect on reproductive system, menopause can leave emotional scaring and lead to various mental issues.

                We can differentiate three groups of menopausal symptoms. First problems appear just after the last menstruation. This means that a woman is entering perimenopause. Common issues during this period are hot flushes, insomnia, depression and anxiety. Actual menopause begins one year after last menstruation. Fatigue, reduced sexual desire and night sweats are the usual symptoms. Lastly, we have postmenopuase. This period comes after menopause and it usually lasts for 5 to 10 years. Woman faces vaginal dryness, gain in weight, memory loss and osteoporosis during this time.

                Our body is a perfect system. As such, it tends to accept everything that is positive and cast away all the negative elements. Similar thing happens during menopause. Like with any other biological organism, body slowly starts losing its function and the cells begin to decay. Because of this, females are no longer able to bear child. Simply put, the strain would be too great. As a result, body starts to eliminate reproductive function. First step in doing this is by reducing level of estrogen.

                Estrogen is mainly produced in ovaries. During childhood, ovaries are dormant and they do not have any special function. When a girl reaches puberty, estrogen starts activating ovaries which allows female to reproduce. At one point, estrogen reaches certain level and it stays on it during mature years. For a long time, body will be accustomed to having the same level of estrogen. When estrogen levels start to drop during menopause, body will experience mental and metabolic shock. All of this will result in various symptoms that can literally ruin female’s life.

                Unfortunately, we are unable to restore previous function of the body or to naturally replenish level of estrogen. Lost cells will remain lost and person will need to cope with newfound situation. Good news is that the modern science provides us with different solutions that allow us to reduce and even eliminate symptoms of menopause. By using You! Drugstore’s Estrogel, patient is able to eliminate hot flushes, vaginal dryness and skin irritation. Medicine comes in a form of gel and it needs to be applied on skin. Estrogel shouldn’t be applied on damaged, irritated or infected skin.

                This medicine is quite efficient but it can also cause various problems. It can easily lead to breast or womb cancer. Because of this, patient who is using this drug needs to get checked regularly. Estrogel shouldn’t be used by people with a liver disease, cancer problem, individuals who are allergic to the drug, women with bleeding or blood clothing disorder or those that have history of heart attacks or strokes. Drug can cause weight gain, vagina discharge, itching around vagina, headache and back pain.

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