June 8, 2015

Gender Reveal Party Ideas for Parents-to-Be

In the old days, parents wouldn't know the gender of their little people until the birth. Now with the miracle of ultrasound parents-to-be can find out the baby(ies) gender early in the 2nd trimester, if they are lucky enough.

Now, some parents are opting for Gender Reveal Parties. That's when you get family and friends together and you tell them all the sex of the little one at one time. And yes, it makes baby shower gifts a lot easier to buy.

Sometimes the parents-to-be are in on the gender, sometimes they are not and get to find out the same time as everyone else.

Here are a few ideas for a gender reveal party.

Those looking for a smaller-scale idea can ask a party supply store to fill a black balloon with either pink or blue confetti, and then pop with a pin at the party. 

If you are going easy on the sweets or or want something smaller, you can use cupcakes or cookies as well. Just use filler frosting in the middles of either using blue or pink frosting.


Whether you choose to beat the crap out of it, or have it as a pull string, fill a pinata with gender specific color confetti and streamers.

Want a theme? 
The bee theme is gaining popularity! Specialty stores are now carrying bee themed products specifically for gender reveal parties. 

May I have the envelope please????

If you can handle not knowing right away, have your OB write your baby’s gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Open the envelope with your guests. Or you can let a grandparent-to-be open it and share the surprise.

Are you going to have your party near a holiday? Use the holiday as an additional celebration. 


Have an Easter egg hunt with family and friends. In one egg, put a piece of paper with the gender written on it. Make sure the parents open the eggs with the kids, if kids are participating. Let one lucky guest find the egg and make the announcement!

If you have any additional ideas, or want to share your ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below! I love comments!!

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