April 4, 2015

Todays Rambles

My letter to people. I don't care if you are gay or straight. A parent or not. Married, single, dating, taken or whatever. Sometimes a woman needs to vent to get it out of her system. This is my vent/rant/ramble.


If your lucky, you have someone in your life, man or woman, that loves you very much. If you don't, still please pay attention. If that woman, or man, says she they love you, straight to your face and looking at you, in your eyes and a softness in their voice, they mean it. Plain and simple. Don't toss that off. Society thinks women fall fast and hard, which in some sence it is true. Its also true we love deeply. To the bottom, sides, and top of our hearts, we love. Not only our kids but our men.

Once the ring, wedding and honeymoon end and children possibly come along, don't forget the woman or man you married. In my mind, divorce isn't an option. Abuse and affairs are the only reasons in my mind that that "D" word should occur. People give up too easily. They give into temptation too easily. They allow outside influences to come in and the devil to play. If your not happy in your marriage, try to remember the person you fell in love with and what about them helped you fall in love. Go from there. Don't give up and seek what your looking for elsewhere. You can still find it at home, if you look.

Start to re-date each other. Leave little love notes places they can see them. Draw a heart on the bathroom mirror. What ever you can think of. These things do get noticed. Commit one night a week to the two of you. Re-connect and snuggle. Talk. About everything and anything.  Be honest.

LADIES: That female co-worker of your husband who keeps texting your husband while he's at home with you, does that bother you? Tell him. Don't be accusing. Unless you have seen the texts and they are not as innocent as he claims. If it bothered you, don't let it fester. Tell him. Ask him to only talk to her at work, unless its an emergency. Trust me ladies, I HAVE BEEN THERE!

GENTLEMEN: When you come home from work, if you have had a long day, tell her. Let her know how your feeling. Be honest. Don't just grab something to eat and plunk down on the couch until time for bed. That, my dear men, is a slap in the face to any woman who stays home. Ask her about her day. Kiss her.

A few tips:

When shes washing dishes, come up behind her and kiss her neck. Hint, most women like that.

Sitting on the couch, move closer to each other. Hold hands. Play with her hair. Run your fingers through his hair, if he has any!

Offer to help out on your days off. Washing the outside windows can go along way.

If shes a stay at home mom, DO NOT rub it in her face that you make the money. That is an insult. You would not be able to afford to hire people to cove what she does all day!

Don't nag at him as soon as he walks through the door. Let him put his stuff away and change, if he has to. Welcome him home. Ask about his day. Let the nagging wait until it cant.

Counseling can help if your having major issues. Go together or separate. No marriage or relationship can last if only one person is trying. Marriage and relationships are work. You must work at it to make it work!

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