April 6, 2015

Super Fast & Accurate, High-performing Digital Food/bbq Thermometer

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  • This Folding Waterproof Digital Thermometer Can Be used to measure temperatures deep inside a food's surface. It can be used for personal, professional, or commercial purposes.
  • The thermometer is easy to use and features a measuring range of 14 to 230° F with an accuracy of 1°C and also offers an auto off function. The probe tip measures 0.137".
  • Manufactured with Advanced Craftsmanship to Provide the most precise and accurate temperature readings. This thermometer is of superior quality!
  • Digital Meat thermometer features a long 7" Probe that makes it convenient and easy to use while cooking.
  • The alarm temperature function is easy to set up by using the buttons displayed on the thermometer.

I have used alot of meat thermometers in my life! When I was a teen I got massively sick after eating under cooked hamburg. Since then I have always used something to make sure my meat was cooked! 
Most other ones I have used the tip has worn down and become dull or has even broken off! Or I have not been able to read it because the dial was messed up after so many uses. 
I not only use it on meat but I also have been using it on the stove top cooking and candy making. I have finally found a thermometer that I like! I especially like the fact the numbers are big and easy to read instead of the dial type that you sometimes cant read!

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