January 27, 2015

IfOnly, A different gift experience for Valentines Day

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If I had to pick one item out of their entire Valentines Day Collection it would be the Chocolates! They are so much better than the grocery or department store boxes! And they look better too! I guarantee they will not get you as far as these will. Prices range from $32.00 to $150.00. The one you see above is the $32.00 box. They also offer gift wrapping!

At IfOnly, they believe that true luxury is not another bauble or thing, but rather the extraordinary experiences we remember and share. They also believe that seizing the moment can transform the world within us, and around us. They believe we all can ignite inspiration by connecting individuals with luminaries at the top of their fields. They also believe in helping others, so every item sold helps a charity or cause. 

"We believe in transforming “if only” into reality."

You can view their Valentines Day Collection HERE

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