August 3, 2014

TuneCore Track Smarts

**This post was written in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own, as always.**

Yep, I'm on a TuneCore kick! And here is another service offered by the awesome people 
at TuneCore, Track Smarts.

What is Track Smarts you ask? 
Track Smarts puts your track in front of real music fans to rate and review. Each Track Smarts report contains reviewers’ actual comments, plus insight and analytics on your track to help you improve your music and advance your career. This is the same thing that the major labels do. 

Right now they have 3 different levels of reports you can purchase/use.
$15 - $40 - $150 Per song (very reasonable IMO)

Go HERE to read more and to see some of their 
sample reports that they have put together.

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