July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July...And a pet peeve rant!

National holidays like the 4th of July are days when the community gets together to celebrate our countries birthday. But I think some people see it as a day to act like morons in public other than civilized humans. These are my 5 top peeves and my reasoning.

1. People who take their pets to the celebration activities. You may thing your dog is the best, but let me say, as a Paramedic, that is a misconception alot of pet owners are wrong about! There is alot of excitement and commotions and noise. Any animal might act different. Dont bring them. Leave them home with the a/c on and alot of water. They will be happier to be there, and even happier when you get home. And not all kids like dogs. Some are scared of them and it could be tramatic. And fireworks, lets just say we humans use a potty and animals dont. I dont want to smell your dogs poop while trying to relax and enjoy family time and some pretty sky lights!
2. People who litter. I dont want to see your trash. No one does! And it just shows you have no manners and dont care!
3. Cussing/swearing in public. Keep your potty mouth shut! There are little ears who dont need to hear those kinds of words. Or use an alternative. Ive said "fudge" so many times my kids think that its a bad word! 
4. Inappropriate outfits. I tell my girls, if you have it its ok to flaunt it in moderation. But if you dont, cover it nicely! No I dont want to see, nor do I want my husband to see, your chest hanging all out of your bikini top while out with my kids at the parade. If you have a tummy that hangs over your shorts or jeans top, please make sure your shirt covers your muffin top! Men, please, short shorts are not for men! I dont mind what people wear, but wear what your momma would be ok being seen with you in public! 
5. People who lack respect of others while in public. That old lady you berate in public might be the one who's son and grandson are in the military and decide to have a talk with you after witnessing your behavior. Talk and treat others as you want them to treat you and your mom! I think todays "adults" are some of the rudest and selfish people I have ever known! 

So those are my pet peeves. Feel free to share what yours might be and HAPPY 4th!!! Designate a driver, dont drink and drive!

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