July 10, 2014

Adventure Club, Electronic Dance Music

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Im a fan of Electronic. There I said it and now its out in the Blogsphere! Im not ashamed. I have looked up movie scores and music that have an Electronic beat quite a few times. 
 Montreal-based electronic dance music duo, Adventure Club, composed of Christian Srigley and Leighton James,has worked hard to grow their career. They take such pride in their music that they have no problem going 8 or more months between releasing each single. They use TuneCore to help with their releases and and the other aspects of getting their music out there. The reports in TuneCore are incredibly helpful to them.  They analyze which songs and which stores perform bestl.  They know what to promote more, and where.
And Im a new fan of their music! (Doesnt hurt that they are kinda cute either!)
You can read the full interview by going HERE.

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