June 2, 2014

We adopted....a tree!

 The City of Bangor, Maine, across the river from us asked people to "adopt" a tree in the downtown area. We, Debra from Debras Random Rambles and Kare from SNAP Fitness, chose the little guy in the picture above. He kinda looks pathetic. But look at all the pretty blooms! 
The task is to take care of the area under the tree. Plant flowers or anything native to our area to help beautify the downtown.The City waters once a week and takes care of the tree. We just have to upkeep the bed underneath.
So we spent last Saturday planting flowers and and giving some love to this little plot of land.  The after pictures are below the post. We think it turned out pretty good!
Out of all the photos we took when we were done, I think this picture is my favorite!

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