June 17, 2014

Todds Original Homemade Salsa

"TODD'S ORIGINAL SALSA started as a hobby in Todd Simcox's home kitchen. He was growing tired of the typical store brand salsa, and wanting to make a fresher, more flavorful salsa than anything anyone has ever tasted. After numerous taste tests and the urging of family and friends, that "hobby" quickly turned into the young upstart business that they are today. The salsa is created using fresh ingredients, chopped by hand, cooked with care and ladled into jars. Tinkering with the recipe to get the flavors just right was important from the start. Their salsa is made with "just the right" consistency for a smooth texture with every bite. They feel their salsa will satisfy everyone's taste buds from those that like very mild foods to those that really like the heat. From TODD'S ORIGINAL SALSA to your table, they hope you enjoy our product as much as they do." 
*Taken from their website and edited for blog purposes.*

I have reviewed salsa before but when my local weatherman, Todd Simcox, made mention he was making salsa, I had to try it!
 I like my salsa mild so I started with that one. 
As you can see the chunks are not too big or small. They are perfect and it stood up to my chip test! And the best part is I can understand the ingredient label! There is nothing "FAKE" in it! I can pronounce everything! AND ITS GLUTEN FREE! 
As you can see by the gauge on the back of the label, its almost time for me to go get more!
In my opinion, this is the best salsa I have reviewed. My kids and my husband liked it as well. Hubby likes his on the hotter side so he approves of the medium and hot. 
We have added salsa to tacos, macaroni dishes, mac and cheese and sandwiches. I definitely love this salsa!
Right now its sold only in select Maine stores and online. 
Click HERE to see their website.

This review is my opinion. I was not reimbursed with product or any compensation I purchased the salsa with my own money.

In a few days look for the Celebrate Your State Giveaway. My portion of the giveaway will include several jars of TODD's Original Homemade Salsa. 

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