June 10, 2014

Flip Flop Makeover! With a loop not a knot!

I love flip flops! Yes I know they are not best for your feet. Yes I know they can cause danger issues. But I love them! I tend to wear mine until they are too ripped to wear or my toes begin to freeze when I go outside. I wear them everywhere! Shopping, the park, baseball games, soccer and I even wore them Trick or Treating one year! 
The thing I dont like is the plastic toe thing and Im too stingy to pay more than $3 for flip flops! So I "upcycle" the pairs I buy at the Dollar Store. This year I chose to do denim since Im more a Plain Jane type and denim is so comfy! 
I also prefer the loop to the knotted toe type of flop. The knots tend to hurt the top of my feet.
The next step is to cut the fabric so that it fits through the holes of the base of the flip flop. 
I tried a few ways but the easiest was to do this to the ends:
Take 1 of the shorter strips, fold it in half and thread it through the top hole of the flip flop. When the loop is as big as you want it tie the ends into a knot. I prefer to use a drop of hot glue on the knot to keep it in place. The knot has to be bigger than the hole! Trim off the excess cloth. Turn the flop over and voila! 
You have the loop! 
Then take one of the longer pieces and thread it through the loop so its about 1/2 and 1/2. Thread those 2 ends through the hols on the same side of the flop. Then put the flop on your foot and tighten the cloth to your preferred fit. Flip it over and tie the ends off. Trim the excess and dab a bit of hot glue. 
So simple! You can get any cloth to use.
I like the rough edges so I didnt trim extra or iron into a fold. Here are mine:
I wear them everywhere and they are comfy!

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